GUIDE SHARE EUROPE (GSE) is Europe's new association for computer people.

GSE is a financially independent non profit association run by companies, organizations and individuals who work with information and communication technology solutions, based on IBM architectures.

The aim of GSE is to:

  • Encourage members to exchange experience and information.
  • Influence the vendors, both IBM and others, so that the members get what they want.
  • Influence the European Standards organizations in the interest of the members.

Within the body of GSE, active marketing by any vendor or member is absolutely prohibited. This prohibition also includes the hiring of new employees. This "golden rule" means that member companies need not fear that other companies will steal/recruit their specialists during conferences.

GSE functions on two different levels:

European and Regional.

At the European level, there is at least one conference annually included with the European Working Groups and Projects work. Each conference covers a wide range of subjects.

At the Region level the Working Groups and Projects focus on detailed issues, in order to find good solutions for the benefit of the membership. Very often, this work is done in close contact with IBM representatives. More details of the Nordic Region is following.

Conference and Training discount for GSE Members
Your GSE Membership offers you further financial benefits (15 % discount) for ALL European Technical Conferences, ALL IBM National Conferences in Germany, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, and Austria as well as ALL IBM Training Courses in UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, and Austria ( Please refer to the IBM training and conference online catalogues) More countries will follow.