By Lary England, IBM US

In the opening conference session, you learned about the details of the new z13 processor and the technologies that enable new types of applications on z/OS. In my opinion, the value of any platform is what it can do for your business. This session will describe some new and innovative applications that are deployed on z/OS and active in production. These new applications include real-time analytics to assist making decisions and extending existing applications to leverage the Operational Decision Manager for a rules-based application. We will also delve into an innovative avenue for application development to produce an 'on-ramp' for applications with at least one aspect running on z/OS.  The goal is to spark ideas how to extend/enhance/leverage your existing assets in your application portfolio.


Larry England is an IBM Distinguished Engineer currently working directly with a large healthcare payer in the United States as a Client Technical Advisor. He has worked on a wide variety of areas throughout his career including Application Development Tools, Database tools, programming languages, language runtime environments, image recognition, text search and analytics, and operating systems. England has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University.