by 5 Key Representatives from DB2, IMS, MQ, CICS and Appl. Development

Audience: All, Level: Basic

Key representatives for zOS, IMS, CICS, DB2, WMQ and Application development will in 10 Minutes each give you the message that will keep their platform as the core of your business in the years to come. The highlighted news that tells you that every thread is moving rapidly and keeping you and your business on track. Will the threads be performing and be economicaly attractive enough? Will the technical qualities and opportunities keep up the pace, so you can feel confident that your job is there tomorrow? The 6 speakers will in 10 minutes each give their point of views.

S135. Closing Keynote - 10 minutes of what the Audience had waited for by zOS, DB2, CICS, MQ , IMS, Appl Development