by Richard Stone Compuware (US)

Level: General Interest/Intermediate

Link to the presentation S413. Performance in the Cloud

Despite the compelling business benefits of cloud computing, companies are becoming increasingly concerned about application performance in the cloud, and the dramatic impact that this can have in terms of lost revenue and lack of user adoption. In this session, Richard Stone will outline the key industry trends and discuss the issues that need to be addressed in managing the performance of these ?borderless? applications. He will also present a new APM approach that mitigates the performance risks without jeopardizing the business benefits of cloud computing.

Richard Stone is Senior Solution Manager at Compuware, responsible for Cloud-based Application Performance Management solutions. Prior to joining Compuware, Richard has held senior marketing and product management positions at Hewlett Packard, Compaq, plus a number of other US and European IT companies. He has extensive experience in cloud-based solutions and technologies, and has brought a number of cloud-based solutions to market: These include cross-industry solutions such as E-Mail, Web Conferencing, and Sales Force Automation; and vertical market solutions in industries such as Insurance, Retail Banking, and Telecommunications. His domain expertise also includes mobile computing, security, compliance, and high-availability solutions for all market segments (SMB, Enterprise, and key verticals such as Finance, Government, Healthcare, and Retail.