by Marcel den Hartog CA (NL)

Audience: All, Level: Basic, Intermediat

Link to the presentation  S422. Shifts in Security Management caused by Virtualization & Cloud

Security is more important than ever. Today?s systems have hundreds of entry points, varying from HTML pages to 3270 screens, from WEB Services to JDBC calls, through operators and appliances. The past decades have already been a struggle to keep things safe. The introduction of virtualization changed the rules and the rise of Cloud computing has completely altered the game. Where does this leave us? We went from a Mainframe platform that was controllable, to an increasingly complex IT Infrastructure where everything is connected, but nothing under control. What are YOU expected to do for your companies and what should YOU expect from the companies who provide the various Cloud services? New games, new rules, new tools. This presentation will give you an overview of the various challenges we are facing and how the industry is responding to them.

Marcel den Hartog is CA's Mainframe Marketing Principal in EMEA. Marcel has 30 years of experience with IBM Mainframes and has presented at many GSE and other external events (both CA and other) on Mainframe Strategy, Solutions and lately about the new rise of the Mainframe in these times of virtualization & consolidation efforts