by Brian Wildt and Charlotte Heilmann BankData (DK)

Audiencel: Mainframe infra structures and Cobol developers

Level: Intermediate

Link to the presentation S425. Efficient Workbench - when ISPF is all you got

In this session we will show you around in the Bankdata Cobol workbench. The goals we had was to make it as efficient and productive as possible. The workbench is currently used by 350 developers in Bankdata in Denmark. Last year we changed the settings on TSO/ISPF for all our 350 developer. They all got the same functions keys and setup. The feedback has been very positive and the developers feel much more efficient now. So far we have not found any tools, windows- or eclipse-based that proves to be more productive. And yes ? we do have young programmers too.

Brian Wildt and Charlotte Heilmann are responsible for mainframe developing at Bankdata Denmark. They have many years experiences in all the products around Cobol developing on mainframe. They teach new employees in mainframe developing and optimize old employees