by Leif Pedersen IBM(DK)

Audience: DB2 DBA, Application Development, Architects, DD2 System Programmers, Level: Basic, Intermediate

Link to the presentation S426. Pure Query at Nets

This presentation will show you how Nets have implemented NemID by using pureQeury techonolegy to lock access paths in DB2 by converting JDBC calls to static SQL calls and also improved applcation performace. As benefit it is now easier to identify a problem SQL statement and trace it back to the Java code.

Leif Pedersen is a member of the Optim Enablement Team located at the SVL lab, in San Jose. Leif, is located in Denmark and is help customer using the Optim products e.g. Qeury Workload Tuner, pure Qeury, Optim Performance Manager.