by Qiang Song IBM China and Leif Pedersen, IBM (DK)

Audience:DB2 DBA, Application Developer Level: Intermediate

Link to the presentation S431. Workload Tuning

In this session, the speakers will introduce a complete methodology for SQL performance tuning. The session will be presented as two parts. In the first part, the speakers will introduce some background for SQL tuning, then an example will be presented to introduce single query tuning by first understanding the problem query with formatting, annotation and access plan graph, then analyze and tune the problem query from statistics, predicate and index perspective. In the second part, the speakers will introduce why workload tuning is needed and the challenge for workload tuning, then another example will be presented to introduce the workload tuning in detail. The session will be ended with a summary of the best practices for SQL performance tuning.

Qiang Song is the technical lead of the IBM Optim Query Tuner and Optim Query Workload Tuner products, working in IBM China development lab since 2005. Qiang works closely with the customers who are using these products and has rich experience in SQL performance tuning and eclipse development. Leif Pedersen is a member of the Optim Enablement Team located at the SVL lab, in San Jose. Leif, is located in Denmark and is help customer using the Optim products e.g. Qeury Workload Tuner, pure Qeury, Optim Performance Manager.