by Phil Wakelin IBM (UK)

Audience: ?? Level: Basic

Link to presentation S232 - SOA enablement with CICS

CICS has a long history as an on-line transaction processor, this presentation reviews the different CICS runtimes available from procedural COBOL to object orientated Java and dynamic scripting and summarises how they can be used to exploit existing CICS business logic with an SOA. It then provides an overview of how different customers are integrating CICS applications with new WebSphere applications and using CICS in different ways with other key IBM middleware products.

Phil Wakelin is a member of the CICS Strategy and Planning team in IBM Hursley, UK. He is responsible for defining and planning new CICS functionality including CICS interconnectivity and Java functionality and is the author of many white papers, SupportPacs and IBM Redbooks.