2017-Closing Session

By Philip L. Emrich, Vanguard Security US

Almost all of the Cybersecurity news focuses on attacks and targeted platforms other than the mainframe. But that’s not the whole story.  Mainframes running z/OS are just other servers, with potential vulnerabilities like any other platform and have been breached or compromised by both external hackers and insiders.  Security is everyone’s job no matter what your specific role may be.  Dismiss the attitude, if you have it, that your mainframes won’t be breached.  Adopt the perspective that when, not if, my mainframe is breached, have I done, or recommended, everything that should be done, to help my organization prevent breaches and minimize the damage when they occur.


Phil Emrich is a member of the Professional Services team at Vanguard Integrity Professionals, Inc. with more than 35 years of experience in information security, consulting with clients on all facets of z/OS and RACF security. Prior to joining Vanguard in 2000, he held a number of roles and responsibilities at IBM that included technical consulting to customers, technical product support to sales engineers and user perspective input to IBM’s software development laboratories. During his career he has developed expertise that spans IBM z/OS Security Server (RACF), and the security implementation for IBM’s Customer Information Control System (CICS), IBM’s cross-platform messaging software, IBM (WebSphere) MQ (formerly MQSeries), IBM’s Information Management System (IMS) and IBM’s DB/2 relational database software.

As a subject matter expert Phil Emrich is an active educator and speaker in the U.S., UK and Europe at SHARE, GSE, numerous IBM sponsored conferences and Vanguard’s own annual Security & Compliance Conference for past the 30 years.

By Jørgen Malmstrøm, NO, Evry

Jørgen is working in EVRY Norway.  He is working as a software devloper on mainframe with cobol, cics, mq-series, db2.