Extra Keynote

By Nicolas Vassas, Kubus IT, DE

Times are changing and not only computers look differently than in the 60’s – also people working with them which used to be and in many cases still are Generation x. So how to attract the upraising young Generation z to a platform they might not know or perceive as inflexible and old-fashioned? Hear about real-live experiences from the generation in the middle – Generation Y – namely Nicolas Vassas from kubus IT, youngest mainframe manager of the youngest self-raised & trained mainframe operator team worldwide and Isabel Arnold, leading a CICS Technical Sales team across Europe for IBM. They will share their experiences & wishes how culture, motivation, appreciation, responsibility, skill transfer and tooling helped to build a healthy mainframe society.

Nicolas Vassas started his mainframe career in September 2000 when he became an IT apprentice at the company he is still working today. From the first day, he was addicted by the big iron and focused his work on this platform. After his apprenticeship he became a system programmer in 2003 and was responsible for the implementation of a high availability solution based on Tivoli System Automation and GDPS.

In 2009 Nicolas became the team leader of the mainframe team in his company at the age of 29. He manages one if not the youngest mainframe team worldwide and has a strong focus on strengthening the mainframe platform and bringing young staff to the ‘Z’…

When not busy at work Nicolas is a regular speaker at national and international conferences like AOTC 2006, Pulse 2012, InterConnect 2015, IBM Technical University 2016…

One of his personal goals is to share his knowledge. To this end he is also talking at universities in Germany on a regular basis and is investing his free time in the new IBM z Systems mentorship Program where he is sharing his skills and experience with a mentee from Pennsylvania.