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By Carsten Andersen, System Architect at BankData - DK


A warm welcome and some practical informations, as I am this years conference manager.

Who am I.

By Lene Weldum, CTO at BankData - DK

Lene Veldum

How do you migrate Denmark’s 3rd largest bank from one it-platform to another in 48 hours? How can you deliver more than 140 interdependent projects on time? How (and why) do you decide on a big bang-model? How do you prepare more than 3000 employees and 500.000 customers to meet in Monday morning to a whole new IT-reality? And how do you make sure that the IT-operation is not affected before, on and after the migration-date?

On September 1st 2010 it was announced, that Jyske Bank would give up their IT-system and migrate to Bankdata’s. More than 900 developers and banking-professionals were involved in the project, which lead to a complete replacement of IT-systems for Jyske Bank and Jyske Banks customers.

Lene Weldum has been with Bankdata since 1990. She has held positions as department manager and development manager until 2002 where she was appointed General Manager and became a member of Bankdata’s board of Directors.

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By Ian Mitchell, IBM UK

This years CICS Family update will highlight the recent CICS V5.1 portfolio delivery, including hot off the press announcements that further extend the value of CICS. You will hear about some of the the major new technologies that IBM has delivered since the last GSE Nordic conference - as well as introducing some exciting new capabilities that will truly help shape the future of applications and infrastructure on System z. There will be pointers to other sessions that will drill in to more detail. 2013 is going to be an exciting year in the life of the CICS Portfolio. Come and hear how the worldwide CICS team is transforming your expectations with a range of innovations that you will want to exploit both now, and in the years to come.

Ian J Mitchell is an IBM Distinguished Engineer at the Hursley Development Lab. He's spent over 20 years working on CICS and is currently the Architect for CICS Product Portfolio. He regularly presents sessions at SHARE, the Transaction and Messaging Conferences and for regional GUIDEs. Ian works with many of IBM's largest customers ensuring that CICS continues to provide the world leading capabilities and qualities of service it has been renowned for over 40 years.

By Ledina Hido, IBM UK

This session will review the benefits of Cloud Computing and Enterprise Services. It will focus on technology but will also discuss some of the cultural habits and assumptions that may need challenging to fully realise the benefits. We will discuss how the latest version of CICS TS introduces cloud-style CICS development, deployment, and operations, by delivering new first class CICS Platforms that can be used to host new CICS Applications. Using CICS Applications, you can combine and manage disparate application resources as a single entity, which can be versioned and moved rapidly through the development, test, and production lifecycle.

Ledina Hido currently works as a developer for CICS Transaction Server and CICS Explorer. Having graduated in Software Engineering in 2006, Ledina spent 5 years working in the industry before joining IBM UK in 2011. Since then she has been contributing to Cloud Enablement via Platforms and Applications introduced in CICS TS 5.1.

By Ledina Hido, IBM UK

In this session we will show how you can use the new CICS Platform resource to decouple your CICS Applications from the underlaying topology, and help move towards a true cloud-style deployment. In addition we introduce the concept of a Policy. Policies enable the behaviour of applications and platforms to be managed by determining whether tasks running as part of a platform, as an application, or as types of operation within an application, exceed certain predefined thresholds.

Ledina Hido currently works as a developer for CICS Transaction Server and CICS Explorer. Having graduated in Software Engineering in 2006, Ledina spent 5 years working in the industry before joining IBM UK in 2011. Since then she has been contributing to Cloud Enablement via Platforms and Applications introduced in CICS TS 5.1.

By Fraser Bohm, IBM UK

CICS TS V5.1 open beta offers a fast and lightweight Java™ web container, providing developers with the rich features of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP) specifications, and fast local access to your existing CICS applications and data. Built on WebSphere® Application Server Liberty profile technology, this web container runs in the CICS JVM server environment. A wide range of Java development tools can be used to develop web applications. This session will demonstrate these features and show the integration between the web container and CICS resources.

Fraser Bohm started working on CICS TS in 1996 and is now the IBM Senior Technical Staff Member responsible for CICS Modernization. Prior to this Fraser as the Chief Developer for both the CICS TS 4.2 and 5.1 releases. He was the architect for the SOA and Web Services initiatives from Version onwards.

By Inderpal Singh, IBM UK

The trace table is one of the most helpful debugging tools for both CICS application and system programmers. This session takes the basics one step further to discuss using the trace entries to identify and solve problems. Abends, loops, waits, storage, OTE, and trace overviews of CICS System Management are some of the areas that will be addressed by this session.

Inderpal Singh is a developer for CICS Transaction Server for z/OS. He joined IBM in 2008 where he began his career as a software engineer developing for CICS Systems Management. He was involved in introducing cloud-like capabilities in to CICS. He now works on mobile technologies within CICS, further enhancing mobile application connectivity through CICS.

By Anthony Papageorgiou, IBM UK

This session discusses how CICS Tools extend the value of CICS. It shows how the CICS Explorer forms an integrated suite of tools that together deliver end to end management & control of your CICS applications & resources. You understand how CICS PA, CICS CM and CICS IA are a key part of every CICS ecosystem to ensure optimum performance, efficient control of CICS resource definitions & deep understanding of complex CICS applications.

Anthony Papageorgiou is a Software Developer for CICS TS working at IBM Hursley UK. Before he joined IBM in 2007 he worked for Mintel International Group Ltd as a Web Developer. Anthony holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Warwick. His areas of expertise include Web 2.0, Event Processing and Mobile Technologies and he was closely involved with the design an development of their support in CICS TS. His most recent work has been for CICS Deployment Assistant V5.1 where he lead the design of the innovative systems visualisation.