aarhus invitation

What You See Is What You Get

Welcome to the annual Mainframe Conference in the Guide Share Europe Nordic Region.

Now is the time to sign up for the the annual Big Conference in Aarhus from June 11th to 13th of June 2019.

The Speakers are the Top Class, and the conference is offered at a very low price.

What do YOU get:

Why should YOU be here:

  • We are here to get the most out of our companies investment in software

    • New software that meet our demands is presented

    • Migrate to new release in order to use and get the most out of new enhancements

    • You will be networking with people who have done what YOU are about to do and might know solutions to problems that you have struggled with for some time. 

    • You might inspire the speakers to new or improved enhancements.

  • The spirit of GSE
  • GSE (the Movie)

How do YOU participate:

If you want to stay at the conference hotel, the time is NOW. The perfect time to secure the best accommadation.

If you know somebody that might be interested in this conference, feel free to pass the invitation on.

On behalf of the joined Steering Committee

We hope to welcome you