GSE-id  Name                                                                           Country                                
10036 Svenska Handelsbanken AB Sweden
10045 FOLKSAM Sweden
10053 SWEDBANK Sweden
10084 ATP Arbejdsmarkedets Tillägspension Denmark
10104 EDB Business Partner Sverige AB Sweden
10105 Topdanmark EDB A/S Denmark
10161 FDC Forsikringens Datacenter Denmark
10162 CSC Danmark A/S Denmark
10179 ADB-kontoret Gøteborg Sweden
10186 KMD A/S Denmark
10204 EDB Business Partner Norge AS Norway
10338 IBM Finland Finland
10344 IBM Norway Norway
10347 IBM Svenska AB Sweden
10390 IBM DANMARK A/S Denmark
10429 Volvo Information Technology AB Sweden
10491 NORDEA IT Sweden
10601 Sandvik IT Services Sweden
10625 DONG Energy Sales & Distribution A/S Denmark
10801 Elektron Faroe Islands
10807 Bankernes EDB Central BEC Denmark
10950 Nets Danmark A/S Denmark
11071 Codan Forsikring A/S Denmark
11160 Tieto-Tapiola OY Finland
11215 VP Securities A/S Denmark
11259 ITT Flygt AB Sweden
11417 Samlink LTD Finland
11463 JN Data A/S Denmark
11464 Sanoma Data Finland
11476 UC AB Sweden
11667 Danske Bank A/S Denmark
11741 Nykredit A/S Denmark
11750 BANKDATA Denmark
11943 Euroclear Sweden AB Sweden
11965 Hitachi Data Systems Denmark
12131 The Swedish Patent and Registration Office Sweden
12140 KELA The Social Insurance Institution Finland
14158 Nordisk Copyright Bureau Denmark
14385 Nordea Denmark
14387 TietoEnator Finland
16506 EMC Computer Systems A/S Denmark
17211 ASG (Allen Systems Group) Denmark
17313 Selmer IT A/S Denmark
17323 Dansk Tipstjeneste Denmark
17393 Skandia Liv Sweden
17654 Euroclear Finland Ltd Finland
17766 Alecta Pensionsförsäkring, Ömsesidigt Sweden
17961 Logica Suomi Oy Finland
17972 Metso Corporation Finland
18061 Tieto Sweden Sweden
18062 Post Denmark Denmark
18189 KPMG Denmark
18191 Scania IT AB c/o Scania InfoMate Sweden
23143 Accenture IS Denmark
23164 Epoka Group A/S Denmark
23221 SPV Sweden
23352 Skanidinavisk Data Center Sweden
61419 Jyske Bank A/S Denmark
61497 DLR KREDIT A/S Denmark
62186 DnB NOR ASA Norway
63576 Vista 99 AS Norway
66680 Tectia Corporation/Ltd/Inc Finland
67763 SeaPay ApS Denmark

Working Groups are at the very heart of GSE.

There are more than 150 Working Groups across Europe where successful case studies are presented and practical experience in all aspects of IT is exchanged. As a result, better-informed decisions can be made by both individual members and member companies to ensure installations are more effective. The groups also ensure that all members are empowered with the knowledge to meet their professional challenges and are provided with a unique insight into future technology and solutions.

Working Groups are also key to identifying specific subjects, requirements and concerns that can then be explored fully as part of conference programmes.

Working Groups raise issues which are picked up for direct discussion and negotiation with senior IBM representatives, or which become the objectives of international projects. Active member participation in these groups is fundamental to the aims of the GSE. As such, there are numerous opportunities to share ideas and solutions with industry colleagues, both on a regional and international level.