By Mark Wilson, RSM, UK
Closing Sessions: ALFA

This is a session that looks at te world of mainframe hacking and what impact the Dark Web has on mainframes. Mark will review the world of mainframe hacking and how times have changed over the last 10 years. He will also look at whats out there today as far as mainframe hacking is concerned, tools, training, etc. Mark will also look at the Dark Web and what that means for us all in the mainframe world.

Over 35+ years Technical IT experience, with a broad range of skills, the majority of which was gained in hands-on technical roles, performing a variety of duties in diverse and complex environments.
The majority of Mark’s experience is focused on IBM mainframe systems, where he performs as an Architect, Technician and Project Manager.
Mark’s specialist subject is IT Security, in particular z/OS and associated subsystem (CICS, DB2, MQ, etc) security with RACF, ACF2 or Top Secret installed.
Mark has recently been awarded several best speaker awards at:
• SHARE in the USA
• Vanguard Security Conference in the USA
• GSE UK Annual conference
Mark is also an active member of the GSE community – currently Chairman of the GSE Large Systems Working Group and Technical Co-Coordinator of the GSE Enterprise Security working group.

By Mads Zandersen, Xact Consulkting A/S, DK
Closing Sessions: ALFA

Mads Zandersen started as Application Developer on S/390 in 1985. He is an IT professional with a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School, 12+ years at IBM as Solution Sales within Finance Sector and Technical Sales Specialist within Development and middleware software and since 2011 an employee of Xact Consulting.
As Chief Enterprise Architect, Mads has utilized his constant drive to try new areas, learn, adapt and shape the way we do development