Session Evaluation

The IBM zSystems platform is supporting many languages ranging from PLI and COBOL all the way up to the modern ones like Python, Node.js and and GoLang with JAVA and C/C++ in the middle. And then there is assembler. While most challenges on IBM zSystems can be tackled with one or more of those high-level languages, sometimes assembler is the best option. Assembler on IBM zSystems seems a bit daunting in the beginning. Where do I start This session is aimed at new-to-mainframe audience with a strong technical interest., what tool to use, how to get my first code to run? In this session Paul Horn, an experiences Assembler programmer, and Frank van der Wal are guiding you trough how to create the first ‘Hello World’ assembler program, how to run it and challenge you to go a bit further than just that!