GSE Nordic Region Web Event 08thJune2021

aarhus 2019


Dear colleague,

GSE Nordic Steering committee invites you to a virtual event on June 8th 2021. Due to the pandemic, we have decided not to run a face-to-face event in 2021.This event will have 3 sessions we hope will be of some inspiration.

Date 08thJune2021

1400-1410    Virtual Event Opening

1410 -1510   Mainframe and Cloud. 

1525-1555    Pandemic - The effect on DNB and its challenges on IT Systems, Lessons learned and way forward Speaker: Terje Thorsen IT Director DNB T & S PFW 

1600-1700    Mainframe and the Moon.

To Register for the virtual event: Go to registration page

NB: We have been offered to join the GSE UK conference in November. We think that will gives us good information about more day-to-day topics.