Domenico DAlterio

  • Domenico D'Alterio

  • S507 - Zowe - Why this changes the game for z/OS developers, system programmers, ISVs bringing open source tooling to the mainframe.

    General Interest Sessions: Columbus Park

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    The Linux Foundation's Zowe project's goals are to make the mainframe open, simple and familiar for the IT staff of todays' and tomorrows' generations.  At its core is a set of free open source software for system programmers and developers covering everything from a web desktop, a command line interface, and IDE plugins for VS Code and IntelliJ providing mainframe access.  The vendor community that collaborates around building Zowe also participates in an extension program that delivers 75 plugins for Zowe to widen the scope of its capabilities to cover automation, devops, operations and a wide range of scenarios.  This talk will showcase Zowe's goals, demo its functionality, show how to install and get up and running, and allow users to learn how to use Zowe in their mainframe shops