Application Development Session: Room B first floor

Session Evaluation


Who remembers KITT from Knight Rider 1982, the love bug Herbie or the Transformer Bumblebee? All of them are fictional intelligent cars that would free drivers from many tasks and would let them focus on the drive. Today's cars getting closer and closer to the fiction, by for example:  automating routine tasks like operating the head lights, more efficient and safer breaking, and avoiding accidents by automated lane assist.
And yes, you can talk to them. Most of us had to learn and master all this in driving school, but are willing to hand those tasks over for an improved driving experience and better security.  
While KITT starts becoming reality, Mainframes are sometimes still driven like back in the 80's. Get into the passenger seat and experience, how developers can enjoy a smother ride and operators worry less about things getting broken, thanks to concepts like Shift Left Testing, Infrastructure as Code and an overall DevOps culture.