CICS Sessions: Room K second floor

Session Evaluation

A decade ago you could probably just try and ignore them but it's getting harder each release. CICS and z/OS resources are here to stay and so you probably need to understand the different types of zfs resources that are used within CICS and z/OS Connect and best practice for dealing with them. From basic text files through to more complex bundles and archive files we will examine the best ways of editing, deploying, and controlling these different files. The session will not only describe the basic function of each resource but give real examples of how to handle the file in source control, deploy into different environments as well as maintain the resource once deployed. We will also examine the techniques needed to actually enable and refresh these resources in a live environment. A range of CICS and z/OS Connect technologies that are freely available will be demonstrated to allow you to take advantage of the concepts straight away. Whether you just have a single web service in CICS or have 100's of bundles already you will find something of use in this session.