CICS Sessions: Room K second floor

Session Evaluation

Bring your laptop to this session and learn how you can extract maximum value from some of the new features in CICS.  You will see this by actually running them on your own laptop with a gust ID to the zTrial program.  You will be able to see Node-JS with CICS,Create a Java web project.include the web project in a CICS bundle, export it to zFS and create and install the CICS bundle into CICS and test the Java web project in a browser.  Create efficient and scalable RESTful APIs for mobile and cloud applications securely from your business critical applications residing on the mainframe. including exposing a CICS COBOL program as a RESTful API, expose an IMS application as a RESTful API, calling a REST API from a COBOL Application.  Limited laps top will be available, but please bring your own if you can.