CICS Sessions: Room K second floor

Session Evaluation

Do you want to get the most out of your development teams? Do you want all of your developers to look forward to developing for CICS? 

 CICS TS provides a strong foundation for hosting mixed-language applications, from Assembler and COBOL to Java and JavaScript. When new developers, or experienced developers more used to other platforms, start to develop applications for CICS TS, any differences from what they’re familiar with might be distracting and disconcerting. We believe that developing on CICS and IBM Z should be much the same as anywhere else, just with better qualities of service. 

 In this session, we will discuss how we are looking to make CICS attractive to any Javadeveloper, enabling them to use their every day build tools such as Maven and Gradle when developing for CICS, whilst simplifying their job and that of the System Programer in the process. We will also welcome your perspectives on this topic and input to the discussions.