DB2 Sessions: Room C first floor

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The keyword for this presentation is:

How we in Danske Bank work with partitioning of data.

How we use application parallelism to process high volumes of DB2 data in partitioned tables.

How we have migrated partitioned tablespace to UTS-R

Some experiences with UTS PBR RPN from our DB2 12 beta test.

The presentation will discuss partitioning from a performance, availability and scalability perspective.  We will start with some basic considerations about table design, clustering and partitioning of data. It will present different methods to partition a table. All based on practical experience. 

In Danske Bank we have a long tradition of running parallel batch on large partitioned tables. The presentation will give some tips about design of parallel batch application and discuss the performance benefit and pitfalls. 

In Danske bank we have converted our partitioned tablespaces to UTS. This presentation will share our experience. To materialize pending alters on large tablespaces can be challenge for all of us. This presentation will give some guidelines that can be used for UTS migrations as well as other large REORG with pending alters.

DB2 12 introduced a new type of tablespace UTS-R Relative page numbering. We will share our findings from test cases in the Beta program for DB2 12. What is the benefit from an availability and scalability perspective?