DB2 Sessions: Room C first floor

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High demand of large and complex data format has become an essential requirement in today’s business model. DB2 LOB data type enabled the user to process data with various format and maximizing the capability of storing large data. Managing the large volume of data has been a challenging task for DBA. DB2 for z/OS V12 has many enhancements to assists users in managing the LOB table space. This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of managing Large Data (LOB) and it best practice

Objective 1: Overview of LOB data type and its operation 

Objective 2: What affects the performance of LOB table space

Objective 3: Db2 12 enhancement for performance and data compression 

Objective 4: Additional tips and hits when operating Db2 utilities with LOB

Objective 5: Performance recommendation Various techniques in managing the LOB data to reach optimal performance and its best practice