DB2 Sessions: Room C first floor

Session Evaluation


Implementing the right strategy how to make images of your data for the unlikely event of data corruption or data loss is essential for your business. Once strategic decisions have been set up, the even more important question has to be answered which techniques to choose and to assemble in order to meet your goals. Recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) have to be considered as well as which business-critical applications have be recovered first in a situation where recovery is crucial. 

This presentation will start with a quick recap of which resources are necessary in a modern Backup & Recovery process and then will explain the Db2 z/OS possibilities. Because high-sophisticated techniques are provided by independent software vendors also, this presentation will take a closer look at exclusive features and architectural  product designs, that support the ambition of maximal speed, correctness, and integrity.

The end of the presentation will be focused on some special B&R processes that include data surgery to exclude bad data, and the always actual topic of data replication and data auditing to highlight technical alternatives besides unload and load processes.