DB2 Sessions: Room C first floor

Session Evaluation


This double session (S203 and S211) introduces and discusses some of most common and/or most important issues based on worldwide customer engagements. There are two main objectives. Firstly, learn recommended best practice. Seconely, learn from the positive and negative experiences from other customer installations. The following topics will be discussed: Running out of basic 6-byte log RBA addressing range; Diagnosing resolving slow-downs and hangs; Hung Db2 threads; New ZSA keyword on HIPER and PE APARs; Insert free space search algorithm; Insert with APPEND; Fast un-clustered insert (Db2 12); Hidden ROWID support to partition; Cost management using CPU capping; Fast REORG with SORTDATA NO RECLUSTER NO; Requirement for increased RID Pool size (Db2 12); Setting initial STATISTICS PROFILE (Db2 12); System parameter REALSTORAGE_MANAGEMENT; Transaction level workload balancing for DRDA traffic; Use of High-Performance DBATs; Overuse of UTS PBG tablespaces and MAXPARTS; Cleaning up after STATCLUS = STANDARD; “MBA lock”; IRLM query requests for package break-in; Db2 maintenance issues with  batch utilities; Running CHECK utilities with SHRLEVEL CHANGE; Local buffer pool allocation – virtual and real memory.