DB2 Sessions: Room C first floor

Session Evaluation


Db2 for z/OS strategist Universal Table Space (UTS) has been a widespread adoption by many customers as they have been taking actions to convert legacy table space to UTS. Identifying which type of UTS table space to be used has become a challenge task for DBA. This presentation will provide a lesson learned from customer’s experience and things to think about and its best practice. 

Objective 1: Overview of design rational of Partition by Growth, Partition by Range or Partition by Range RPN table space.

Objective 2: This presentation will provide use case of each type of UTS.

Objective 3: Many table space attributes such as SEGSIZE, DSSIZE, MEMBER CLUSTER or MAXPARTITION can affect the operation of UTS. This presentation will provide information on how table space attributes affect performance on UTS.

Objective 4: How indirect reference records affects space usage and performance. 

Objective 5: Recent experience learned from customer - use case