Extra Sessions: Room J 2nd floor

Session Evaluation


As the Mainframe application development landscape evolves to welcome the new age ‘non-traditional’ mainframe application developers to the platform, the need for familiar, easy to get started and easy to use tooling that leverages the current technological patterns and paradigms is more than ever. Rich or fat clients which provided momentum for mainframe application development modernization, have proven to be difficult to manage at scale. Cloud based development environments that are easy to manage while allowing quick, easy access from anywhere using a thin web client are gaining prominence. This session will detail and demo the Cloud based IDE technology and the extension of it to support the mainframe application development scenarios while providing the developers the ability to do server-based development where they can store off their workspaces, share workspaces with team members and have the choice to pick the technology stack that enables them to develop cross platform applications as needed. The session will also detail how the use of container technology like Docker can help provide developers the flexibility while simplifying the life of the tool administrator. Last but not least, the session will also demonstrate how the solution is structured to provide developers the flexibility to use their favorite IDE as well.