Extra Sessions: Room J 2nd floor

Session Evaluation


The goal of Agile development and DevOps is to quickly get new functionality into production, get feedback on it, and then deliver new iterations based on the feedback. The focus is on measuring whether the functionality meets the business requirements.
However; measuring the operational costs of the changes is often ignored - and in worst case, a badly designed or implemented change can drive operational costs that are higher than the business value generated by the new functionality.

Ongoing measurement and feedback from the IT-operations teams to the software developers (OpsDev rather than DevOps), is critical for three reasons - it:
1.      Helps the developers prioritize optimization efforts alongside functional changes based on the financial impact
2.      Helps the operational teams tune and right-size the infrastructure
3.      Gives the business transparency into who (application or organization) is driving capacity costs.
This presentation will include stories about where things can go wrong, and practical ideas about how to do things right.