Mainframe Infrastructure Sessions: Room D first floor

Session Evaluation


SMP/E (System Modification Program/Extended) is the standard installation tool for z/OS. Systems programmers use it to install products from IBM and other vendors. In ancient times they received big boxes with tapes and printed manuals and ended up with a desktop loaded with stacks of Leporello lists. Today delivery is by download, and output only printed by mistake. But the tool is the same, and it often works in mysterious ways.

The presenter have been a user of SMP/E for decades, but lately also has been packaging a product with SMP/E. The presentation will pass on an overview of the SMP/E process and a look into the machine room to see, what is going on inside it, and how to understand the output. 


- System programmers.

- Technical Support and infrastructure toolproviders.

- Production Staff.

- Technical Managers.

- Gen Z interested Students og Teachers.