IMS Sessions: Foxtrot

Session Evaluation

Skandia – API for better business. 

Skandia has a long history of business innovation and holds a healthy position in the Swedish insurance market. Even with a dominating market share in our segment we see the opportunity to leverage the digital friendly market climate in the Nordic region. Our size and scale as well as our legacy of course makes this a challenge, but we can at the same time make an impact in the market considering our volume of customers.  

Why API?  

Skandia’s most valuable assets resides in the Mainframe. Of course, we are referring to our large customer base and our core application with tailored business logic. That’s the engine that drives Skandia’s business. API enablement is our way to reach the full potential of these investments.  We will exemplify a few simple but effective customer use cases that improves our customer experience and add value. 

Our Way: 

Generations of innovative inhouse development has led to the conclusion that we don’t want to build our own home maid unique solution to a problem that many others have. Still we want to reclaim that innovative edge. We searched for a product to that could give us a head start in this journey.  z/OS Connect met our needs that we had drawn in our blueprint. An ambitious plan, and some hazards along the way, so we are happy to do it with a solid partner like IBM. 


We have an API ready production environment and services will be published step by step. We start small but build for scalability and release service by service. 


A commitment to the “API way” has a direct impact on your organisation. Some expected, some not…   

New demands for “Event Driven Architecture”, Monitoring on a new level and new Security requirements are just some examples. Not to forget - Business/IT relations – When IT takes the helm of the company’s customer interaction - someone will oppose.