Application Development Session: Columbus Park

Session Evaluation

IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS®, V6.3 supports the following features and enhancements:

    - Support for creating AMODE 64 ( "64-bit" ) batch applications

    - Improved efficiency in processing of UTF-8 data by supporting the UTF-8 data type

    - Numerous additional features and enhancements from the COBOL 2002 and 2014 Standards

    - With the new ARCH(13) compiler option, the compiler generates application code that exploits

       instructions available with the latest z15 server. Specifying ARCH(13) instructs the compiler to include

       exploitation of the Vector Packed Decimal Enhancement Facility, which translates into improvements in

       COBOL computational performance. You can recompile with ARCH(13) to target z15 without any source

        changes to take advantage of this new facility.     

    - Compiler and runtime support for the IBM z/OS V2.4 operating system so applications can take advantage of the latest operating system features and capabilities

    - Support for the latest middleware, including IBM CICS®, IBM Db2®, and IBM IMS