Session Evaluation

 “If the fact is in the code – let’s ask it”

UFST needed to gain insight into a complex legacy architecture – spanning 50+ years of architectural design principles and various documentation standards. A huge task, if it had to be produced from new and all-encompassing - risking errors, bias and obsolescence before completion. After careful consideration and external expert advice, UFST decided to use an ECAT to have up-to-date, accessible and comprehensive information about its IT portfolio with flexible and dynamic analysis and investigation capabilities that help modernization planning, preparation and restructuring.

This session will take you through the decision making process, due diligence, piloting and the final role. It is a combined session with client and supplier, where the client, UFST, will cover the business strategic perspectives and the supplier, DXC, will cover the technical aspects and challenges of operating an ECAT on a hybrid mainframe installation.