Session Evaluation

The world of computing can be broken into those who learnt on mainframers and then had to transition to the linux/windows world, or vice versa grew up on distributed platforms and are now coming to the mainframe.  There are differences, and there are similarities.  This talk will demystify and cover topics such as code pages, EBCDIC versus ASCII, USS, certificates in keyrings, PKCS12 versus JCERACFS, SAF DB versus LDAP,  auto conversion of tagged files, file encoding,  workload management, and more, ….   Some of the challenges facing mainframe shops is how to run and get linux and windows talent and runtimes to work on the platform, and likewise linux folks often find the world of ISPF, SDSF, RACF, an alien world that is too difficult to learn.  Based on my 24 years of IT experience with z/OS, zLinux, Windows, Mac and Linux, I’ve distilled the missing pieces into a guide that allows folks versant in one of the worlds to find the way in the other kingdom without feeling lost.