GSE Nordic Region Students Conference 2024 12th June Copenhagen, Denmark

The student conference is free for all students and welcomes anyone who would like to get an inside into the world of mainframe.
GSE Nordic is a place to learn and network with experts in the realm of mainframe. This will be a whole day event where we go through the following:

Introduction to companies in Norway, that use mainframe to drive their business.

An overview of skills needed and missing in the mainframe ecosystem.

 Then ideas on how to deal that with:
 The day will have sessions on skills and ways into the mainframe enviroment from danish companies and training suppliers. 

 Thru out the day there will be a Code challenge on the mainframe (for this you need to bring a laptop)

I hope you will spread the word to all students you think are interested.    

 The event is held at Hotel Scandic Spectrum in Copenhagen from 9:00 to 17:30 but you need to arrive before to sign in.

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