Jenny He

  • The CICS TS V5 releases include many performance improvements to increase horizontal and vertical scalability. This session highlights some of these enhancements, combining reductions in storage and CPU usage with extra monitoring data available for all types of applications. In this session, we look at recent improvements to MRO, web services, Java, zIIP eligibility, and even new commands, helping you save money and improve throughput.

  • Recent releases of CICS have added comprehensive support for Java applications, making CICS the world's most powerful mixed-language application server. But what about the performance of these new Java applications? How do I tune these new applications to make sure my system is running efficiently? What metrics are available in CICS to understand how the system is managing the workload? In this session we take a system programmer’s view of Java applications to learn how to ensure your workloads are performing at their most optimal.