Akiko Hoshikawa

  • Akiko Hoshikawa

  • S201 - Db2 for z/OS: V13 and Beyond

    Session Evaluation

    This session will review Db2 technical strategy, give a technical overview of the content of version 13 of Db2 and include what has been delivered since it became generally available in May 2022. 


  • S204 - Db2 13 performance and zSynergy updates

    Session Evaluation

    Db2 13 was built on top of the continuous delivery of Db2 12.  This session discusses the performance updates and scalability improvement from Db2 12 after the initial release and updates from Db2 13. The session includes key performance items and performance expectation of Db2 13 compared to Db2 12 FL510. Similarly,  this session covers Db2’s exploitation of IBM Z synergy,  both with the recent IBM Z hardware and z/OS features.

  • S210 - Db2 13 SQL Data insights

    Session Evaluation

    Db2 13 offers an industry’s first embedded AI capability that exploits Db2 data through a simple SQL functions. The session introduces what this innovative capability offers, the technology behind, and more importantly, how you can exploit AI semantic queries using various examples.