Anders Hecquet

  • Anders Hecquet

  • S202 - Why is it so hard to Adopt Devops ?

    DB2 Sessions: Room Sheep Meadow

    Session Evaluation

    DevOps has been around for some time. Many companies and organization has embraced the method, finding it a key to their business and IT success. Why is it then, that only few mainframe organization have adopted DevOps? Does mainframe organizations not need DevOps? Does DevOps not match the mainframe technology? Or does the method not match the R&R of a mainframe organization? These and other questions comes up, when cultures meets and when managers returns from networking events, where fellow managers shines as successful DevOps, IT and business improvers. 

    In this session we will summaries some of the challenges in adopting DevOps in an mainframe organization. But also provide suggestions and ideas to address and maybe even overcome these challenges. Anybody with experience in this matter, are encourage to participate and share their experience, so we all can learn from each other.