Anthony Papageorgiou

  • CICS Sessions: Room K second floor

    Session Evaluation

    CICS TS 5.4 introduced an exciting new capability to enable you to parallelize the processing of your business logic.  Come to this session to learn more about the CICS Async API and how to use it, with a real life example of how Walmart have applied this technology to realise significant performance gains.

  • General Interest Sessions: Room A first floor

    Session Evaluation


    Now REST API's into mainframe subsystems are easily setup by means of z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition, one may wonder in what way customers across Europe use this technology. In this session there will be use cases from the Financial Sector, Energy & Utility and Insurance. Furthermore there will be examples and use cases for the integration of APIs created by means of z/OS Connect into DevOps processes for a Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery.