Anthony Papageorgiou

  • Anthony Papageorgiou

  • S101 - CICS 6.1 Solution Overview

    Session Evaluation

    High level introduction to the key capabilities delivered in 6.1 and highlight the sessions that will cover how they can be adopted later in the week

  • S504 - Using Kafka with z/OS for Hybrid Cloud Integration

    Session Evaluation

    Event Streaming Patterns and Event Driven Architectures are becoming more and more popular as enterprises strive to provide more intelligent, responsive and connected user experiences for their customers. It’s no wonder then that 80% of fortune 100 companies now use Kafka to share data and events across their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

    For many of these companies their core business logic and data reside on z/OS. Naturally then it is becoming increasingly important for z/OS applications to publish and consume data from Kafka.

    In this session we’ll provide an overview of some of the best approaches for integrating with Kafka from z/OS today and discuss the considerations that will help you choose which option to use and when.


  • S508 - Moving to Open API 3 and Hybrid Architectures with z/OS Connect

    Session Evaluation

    Extending your z/OS Application through APIs is now a common occurrence for many customers.  In this session learn how major changes in z/OS Connect are going to allow you to further include these APIs as part of a hybrid cloud architecture and adopt the open API 3 specification for simplified more consumable APIs