• Butch Rambish

  • S311 - Goodbye to Baby-sitting your z/OS Jobs with Zowe Integrated JCL Checking (demo)

    Session Evaluation

     Take the worry out of programming your jobs, checking and double checking for code standard compliance, ensuring DevOps processes are delivered while meeting business SLAs for your hybrid cloud applications by allowing IBM Z JCL Expert to do the heavy lifting for you. In this session, come and discover the ease with which IBM Z JCL Expert, when integrated with Zowe, helps you automatically check your jobs as part of your CI/CD pipeline in a fraction of the time it would normally take, allowing you to focus on the more value-adding functions of your role. A live demo of the Zowe integrated features will be shown in the session.

  • S403 - Protecting the Keys to the Kingdom with Encryption and Key Rotation

    Session Evaluatio

    The new PCI DSS 4.0 regulations require pervasive encryption and ongoing rotation of the keys. Device encryption is no longer sufficient. Getting all of your data sets encrypted without causing disruption to the business is a massive undertaking and fraught with risks. In this session, we explain how IBM's Data Set Key Rotation simplifies this massive organizational undertaking and provides intelligent encryption and key rotations at scale; ensuring that data is protected, and compliance requirements are met.