Ezriel Gross

  • Ezriel Gross

  • S103 - Problem Analysis and Performance Tuning for CICS

    Session Evaluation

    CICS Problems whether they are related to performance or transaction failures can in some cases be easily remediated in the short term but getting to the root cause of the problem and creating a permanent fix, so they no longer occur, can be quite a bit more difficult.  In this session we will discuss a methodology for finding and resolving CICS problems whether they are related to performance or outages, and show some CICS products that alone can help, but together can provide a solution to even the most difficult ones.

  • S105 - CICS Liberty Profile: Java on the Mainframe in Sixty Minutes

    Session Evaluation

    It's a no brainer. Write it in Java and you can run it on a specialty processor. Run it on a specialty processor and you can save yourself a lot of money. In this presentation we will cut through to the heart of the matter and give you easy to follow but detailed step-by-step instructions on how to write your first Java program running inside of the CICS Liberty profile. We will show you how to navigate the Eclipse environment, tell you all about JCICS, logging, and the CICS internal trace, and show you where to look on the mainframe when things go wrong.