Flemming Petersen

  • Flemming Petersen

  • S603 - Modernize your mission-critical applications with speed and confidence

    Session Evaluation

    Mainframe-based applications are central to business strategy and organizations need to rapidly transform to keep up with competition. The importance and complexity of these mission-critical applications means teams must apply a high degree of due diligence to discover how those applications work. ADDI can help you to analyze these applications and extract up-to-date, consumable information about your mainframe applications allowing you to confidently plan your changes, discover APIs, modernize your data, and so much more.


  • S606 - Intelligent Build systems for z/OS applications

    Session Evaluation

    The perfect pair: Git and IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB) allow you to implementing an automated build pipeline to adopt modern development practices as on any other platform. Learn about the concepts of DBB and explore some workflow samples with the new pipeline.