Gwydion Tudor

  • Gwydion Tudor

  • S402 - MQ REST Messaging, including a Comparison with z/OS Connect

    Session Evaluation

    REST APIs are increasingly popular as a flexible way to expose applications and services. This session discusses the benefits and limitations of using a REST API for messaging, and it demonstrates how you can use REST applications to send and receive messages with IBM MQ. This session also shows how IBM MQ can be exposed with a REST API by IBM z/OS Connect EE (zCEE), and the two approaches are compared.

  • S404 - MQ Security in a Zero Trust Framework

    Session Evaluation

    You've probably heard a lot about zero trust recently, but have you considered how this affects messaging? This session introduces the many features in IBM MQ that allow you to secure your messaging infrastructure and keep your messages safe. It also discusses how you can use these features in a zero-trust model.