James Davies

  • James Davies

  • S106 - Including CICS in container orchestrated deployments

    CICS Sessions: Room K second floor

    Session Evaluation

    Hybrid applications aren't just a single container, but a collection of containers being deployed and orchestrated together. We know that these applications often harness the power of CICS, often through extending the cloud application by accessing an API driven on CICS.  But what if that CICS application could be deployed alongside the rest of the cloud application, tested, monitored and controlled as part of the whole and not just "The weird z thing"

  • S112 - Automated testing on the mainframe - no really! - What's new in Galasa

    CICS Sessions: Room K second Floor

    Session Evaluation

    Galasa, the open source integration test framework that provides deep testing capabilities for your testers, test architects, build engineers and solution owners. Combined with a decade of experience and built to enable fluid testing of hybrid cloud applications; Galasa can ensure the delivery of quality digital solutions at the speed of cloud. In this session we will describe the capabilities of Galasa but focus on those that aid the testing of hybrid applications that are powered by CICS.