Jamie Squibb

  • Jamie Squibb

  • S400 - Mainframe Responsibles

  • S401 - What's New in MQ ?

    Session Evaluation

    Enterprise messaging and IBM MQ is a critical part of any system. This session shows you how MQ is rapidly evolving to meet your needs. Irrespective of your platform or environment, this session introduces many of the recent updates to MQ, whether that's in administration, building fault tolerant and scalable messaging solutions, or securing your systems.

  • S406 - MQ Accounting and Statistics on z/OS

    Session Evaluation

    IBM MQ for z/OS writes detailed statistics and accounting data to SMF. Come to this session to learn about what statistics and accounting data is available, recent changes and enhancements to the data that is produced, and how you can use this data to gain insight into the health of your queue manager and what your applications are doing.