Khadija Souissi

  • Khadija Souissi

  • S301 - Machine learning and Data Science, what is it ? And why is it in everybody's lips?

    IMS Sessions: Bryant Park

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    Data Science, Machine Learning, AI and other disciplines are helping businesses to infuse intelligence in their processes and application to make better decisions. This session offers an overview about Machine Learning, what it is, its positioning in the context of Artificial Intelligence, what is the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning, what are the typical Machine Learning use cases, methods and tools, and why is Machine Learning happening now.



  • S606 - You can't spell the Mainframe without AI

    Application Development Session: Sheep Meadow

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    IBM Z where transactions & data meet AI and Machine Learning to extract hidden value from data using high-quality self-learning behavioral models. Join this session to learn about your options to start or continue your Enterprise Machine Learning journey with IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS. You are not a data scientist? You don't have any data scientist in your team? Don't worry! We integrated Machine Learning capabilities in turnkey solutions to be deployed without data science know how..