Ledina Hido-Evans

Ledina Hido-Evans is a software developer and team lead for the Developer Experience team. She joined IBM as an experienced hire in 2011, starting her CICS career testing and developing some of the Cloud features. For the last 8 years she has been leading the CICS Explorer and Developer Experience teams, developing new and exciting features and talking to customers about them. She is a keen software craftsperson and a Women in Technology advocate.

  • S100 - CICS Responsibles

  • S109 - Application Modernization with Java on CICS

    Session Evaluation

    Java enablement has been a key element of CICS TS V5 and CICS 6.1 releases.

    New Java development build tools, unit test and DevOps capabilities allow you to write applications that exploit both the traditional CICS QoS and also the new Jakarta EE, Microprofile and Spring Boot specifications. In this session we will join the dots and give a quick summary of the new Java based function in CICS TS V6.1 along with demo of the Maven & Gradle plugins and JCICSX.