Michal Bialecki

  • Michal Bialecki

  • S205 - Db2 z/OS housekeeping best practices - based on SWAT team studies

    Session Evaluation

    Housekeeping procedures which include REORG/RUNSTATS/REBIND are key elements that are important to influence application performance results within a customer installation. Every Db2 z/OS shop has its own rules; when / how to run housekeeping tasks. This presentation will cover best practices for DB2 z/OS housekeeping, which includes REORG RUNSTATS REBIND performed by Db2 administrators.


    Methodology for REORG / RUNSTATS

    how to select objects for REORG / RUNSTATS,

    which syntax shall be used, and which one shall avoided, and what are implications

    REBIND best practice to take into consideration change vs new access paths

    Presentation is based on real life customer's scenarios and results from 360 Db2 for z/OS Continues Availability Assessment Studies which are routinely performed by Db2 z/OS SWAT team.