Michelle Harris

  • Michelle Harris

  • S407 - Modernizing Application Testing: our experience with Galasa

    Session Evaluation

    Michelle first became hooked on the idea of trialling Galasa, a deep integration test framework from IBM, when she attended IBM’s demo of the product at the 2022 GSE Nordic conference. As an R&D manager developing mainframe software, Michelle was on the lookout for new automated testing products to work with or possibly replace some of Macro 4’s homegrown testing tools. In particular, she wanted to trial open systems software that was easy to use and required less mainframe expertise.  

    This session will share Michelle’s experience of using Galasa to test new releases of InSync®, Macro 4’s data management software. The session will cover the company’s drivers for using Galasa; the evaluation process undertaken by the R&D team; and the team’s findings. Michelle will also reveal lessons learned along the way and offer useful hints and tips for others who may be using or considering using Galasa.