Rebecca Levesque

  • Rebecca Levesque

  • S505 - Is your IT infrastructure ‘Fit for business purpose’?

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    Businesses often view their mainframe IT organization as outdated and not aligned with their business needs.  During this session, we’ll talk about what you need to consider to ensure your IT infrastructure is fit for your business purpose, how to build your strategy based on business decisions, rather than “fashion-based” decisions, and how to overcome the objections you may face as you build out your IT infrastructure and organization to meet current and future business needs.

    Join us for this insightful talk from Rebecca Levesque, President of 21st Century Software to learn how.  Rebecca has spent over 25 years advocating for IBM zSystems and working with customers to develop solutions focused on business, not just technical, value.  Gain practical advice that you can use today to be part of the conversation with your business colleagues.